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Baby Facilities

In our baby room, we provide care for all children from birth to two years of age.

Staff members in this room are responsible for day to day care (feeding, changing, etc) as well as completing a daily diary for each child.

A key worker system is operated in our baby room, with parents made aware from the start which member of staff is their child’s main carer.

Activities in this room suit the age range of children and promote stimulation as well as one to one activities.

Babies are often registered before they are born. Parents are invited to visit the nursery as often as they wish before the birth to establish a relationship with the baby room staff. We recommend that parent and baby visit the nursery prior to admittance to help with the settling in, which will give parents the opportunity to discuss any queries or concerns beforehand and to discuss babies routine.

We also offer two free half day settling in sessions for baby. The aim of these is to help parents with the difficult task of leaving baby for, possibly the first time.

We ask that parents provide nappies and ready-made bottle feeds.

The baby room has its own fridge for these and we ask that all bottles be clearly labelled.
The nursery will provide nappy sacks, wipes and sudocrem.

We also provide weaning foods when necessary. Weaning requirements will always be discussed with the parent / guardian beforehand.

All food is freshly cooked on a daily basis and weaning foods will be blended to the required consistency by the cook.

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Toddler Facilities

We provide an attractive play and discovery environment, where your child has the chance to investigate and absorb a whole new range of experiences, whilst mixing with other children and learning through the foundation phase.

With the help of skilled and qualified staff your child will be learning how to learn.

Activities for the 2 – 3 year olds are planned and parents are invited to view the activities on offer at parent evenings or on request.

Children’s work is displayed throughout the nursery and taken home on a regular basis. The furniture is child height and enables the children to explore but also encourages them to help with setting up the activities and tidying away at appropriate times. Children are given the opportunity to choose their activities and this is encouraged by staff.

Parents are encouraged to have an input in their child’s nursery and education.

Informal parent evenings are arranged. Prior to these every parent/guardian receives a questionnaire, which helps us to identify any suggestions, problems or queries.

Any progress is given support, encouragement and always reinforced by praise. A “key worker” system is operated in this room and every parent is made aware of their child’s main carer.

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Pre-School Facilities

All activities for this age range are planned and documented.

Our planning will work towards encouraging all aspects of a child’s development. Activities for this age range are varied and the children are encouraged to become more independent, which will prepare them for their onward journey to school.

Activities include: painting, drawing, modelling, collage, role play, construction, music, jigsaws, sand and water, and cooking.

Our planning is displayed on the pre-school notice board. Children’s work is displayed throughout the nursery and every child takes work home. From time to time we may ask for parental involvement. This could be anything from saving boxes for construction or help with busy periods, such as nursery trips. (Subject to the appropriate checks).

We operate a “key worker” system for this age range. Through their activities children will begin to work towards the early learning goals define what children should know and be able to do by the time they turn five years of age.

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Out of School Club

We provide an out of school club where the children can sit back and relax or get involved in fun activities such as table tennis after a busy day at school in a room of their own.

We go out regular trips during the school holidays e.g. bowling / cinema.

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